About Us

Kurzweil History

Kurzweils' Country Meats was founded by three Kurzweil brothers:  James M., Tom, and Dennis on April 28, 1995.

The Kurzweil family’s heritage in agriculture dates back to the 1940’s when James R. "Big Jim" and Cecelia Kurzweil, father and mother of the three brothers, began row crop farming. As children, Jim, Tom, and Dennis grew up helping on the farm and continued row crop farming with their parents. As they continued to row crop into adulthood, the brothers had visions of expanding the family agriculture business.

In 1991, the three brothers and their wives added a hog operation to the farming operations. In an effort to find a better market for their hogs, the idea of the meat market emerged. Carrying on family tradition, Jim’s oldest son, Chris, helped part-time while stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas and joined the business full-time after his discharge from the army.

After many years of perfecting the farming and hog operations, Kurzweils' Country Meats was opened in 1995 located on 7 Highway between Harrisonville and Garden City, Missouri. The original store is still home to Kurzweils’ Country Meats.

In December 1998, our meat operation, which began in "The Red Barn," expanded into the adjoining building. Due to our growth and popularity of our meats, we more than tripled our size.

Today, Tom and Dennis manage the farming and hog operations while Jim and son, Chris, manage the meat market. Tom and Dennis' wives, Julie and Linda, help with the farming and hog operations, and Jim’s wife, Linda, helps at the meat market. All eight of the children have worked, or are working, on the farm with the hogs, and at the meat market.

We are proud to be a family-owned and operated, full circle operation. We start with raising grain, feeding our raised grain to our hogs, and then using some of our own raised hogs at the meat market. By doing this, we are able to pass on our "Raised on the Farm" quality directly to each valued customer.

We invite you to stop by our store and sample some of our fine smoked meats, request information, or place an order. From our family to yours, we say "Thank You" to all of our customers who have made our growth possible and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you!